Gift of the Present: An Interview with Heidi Sermersheim

08/28/2013 12:22

"Heidi Sermersheim is an absolute inspiration to our team at the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction. Dr. James Craigie wrote a recommendation letter on behalf of Heidi for her Cancer for College scholarship application, and Heidi was selected as the recipient! She received funds to continue her education, and we are so proud of her! Take a few moments to read her inspiring interview, and feel free to share this story with the loved ones in your life.




Heidi Walker Sermersheim

Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690

(828) 275-3531

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"Always know in your heart
- it is what you believe
not what you "know"
that will pull us through" 

Penned in 2005, 
by my sister, my friend 
and my inspiration 
Gail Metzger  (R.I.P.)